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About Us


A small business built on innovation, technology, customer service excellence and a passion for making a difference in our community.

MyLollies was started in 2008 with the intention of supplying customers all over Australia with lollies at a price as close to wholesale as possible.  With over 300 products and fantastic feedback from our customers we believe that this arm of the business is going from strength to strength.

After working hand in hand with local businesses for many years we are proud to say that we produce Australia's leading Mini Bags.  Used extensively throughout Australia for kids birthday parties, corporate giveaways and fundraising these bags have provided a far superior option to bagging these up by hand!

One of our proudest aspects of MyLollies is the impact we have been able to have with fundraising for our local community.  In 2012 we raised $12,623 for Oxfam as a part of Oxfam Trailwalker and then backed this up raising just over $25,000 for Lifeline as part of the first ever non-stop relay ride to cover 1,000km Riding 4 Life.  To learn more about any of these projects or partners please click the links above.

Over the last six years we have dedicated ourselves to building a business that provides the customer with unbelievable value, open and honest customer service and high quality Australian made product, whenever it is available.

With these tenets as our foundation we have built arguably Australia’s leading online confectionery business. 


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